Please read these terms and conditions carefully and discuss anything that is not clear with us. It is important that you understand these terms and conditions, together with the Enrolment Form and Centre information as they set out the provision of early childhood care by Pukekohe Early Learning Centre. Your understanding of the terms and conditions and completion of the Enrolment Form is also important to enable us to provide high quality childcare for your child.


In signing these Terms of Trade and the Enrolment Form for your child you agree to the Terms of Trade (as amended from time to time) and the provisions of the Enrolment Form. You also acknowledge that the Terms of Trade are not exhaustive and agree to abide by the policies contained in the Pukekohe Early Learning Centre (a copy of which is on the Centre premises). The policies contained in the Terms of Trade, Enrolment Form and the Operations Manual are subject to amendment, clarification or deletion at the discretion of the Centre Management.

Hours of Operation

The Centre is open from 7.00 am to 6.00pm throughout the year and closes only at weekends and statutory holidays. Centres close at 4.00pm on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Full time care is offered on a weekly basis to children from birth to 5 years old. Full time care is five days per week for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

Full time children must be enrolled at the centre for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

Sessional care is also offered for an enrolled minimum of two days per week for a minimum of four hours per day.

Fees and Payment of Fees

 An enrolment fee of $30.00 is payable at the time of enrolment. The enrolment fee is a one off non-refundable fee and does not apply towards tuition.

Fees are required to be paid by Automatic Payment in ADVANCE of the period your child is enrolled for child care e.g. by the Friday of the week previous to care.



The Centre’s account details are: Pukekohe Early Learning Centre | 01 1839 0341198 00

Fees must be paid for every day that your child is enrolled, including any day your child is enrolled to attend but is absent. This includes all statutory holidays that fall on a day when your child would normally attend the Centre.

Fees are subject to change and may be increased when necessary at the discretion of the Centre.

Enrolment in Advance

Any enrolment in advance of attendance requires a payment of one week’s fees to secure your child’s enrolment. This payment is not refundable should you no longer require the enrolled position with less than one month’s notice in writing. The payment will constitute payment of your child’s first week of fees upon your child commencing at the Centre.

Late Payment of Fees

Late payment of fees may incur a 10% penalty if fees are overdue and unpaid at the last business Friday of the monthFailure to pay fees will result in cancellation of your child’s enrolment at the Centre. If any account balances remain unpaid, then all costs of debt collection (legal, filing and court fees and all debt collection commissions, etc), incurred will be payable by you, the parent/guardian/caregiver. In terms of the Privacy Act 1993, you the parent/guardian/caregiver irrevocably authorize Pukekohe Early Learning Centre to seek and exchange information with any person, company or agency, etc in regard to your credit rating and debt recovery procedures.

20 Hours ECE

The Centre is a provider of 20hours ECE Early Childhood Education (“20 hours ECE”) for three, four year and five year old children.

 Eligibility for 20hours ECE begins on the child’s third birthday and ends on the child’s fifth birthday. 20hours ECE is available for up to six hours per day for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

As Pukekohe Early Learning Centre is an all-day centre, open 11 hrs per day, fees will be charged for the days and hours when the 20 free hours are not available.

The fees charged will only be for the hours not covered by the provision of 20 hours ECE.

Hours requested by the parent for 20hours ECE forms part of the Enrolment form.

Collection of Children

The Centre is licensed by The Ministry of Education until 6 00pm Monday to Friday and must close strictly at this time. Your child must be collected no later than this. Please contact the Centre if due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to collect your child prior to the Centre closing.

If we have not been able to contact you, or your emergency contacts and you have not contacted us within one hour of closure of the Centre we reserve the right to contact the local Police.

Children may only leave the Centre with:

  1. Adults listed on the enrolment form (with photo identification), or;
  2. With an adult whose name and relationship to the child has been made known to the Centre by parents, prior to picking up the child.

Late Pick Up Fee

A late pick up fee of $25 per 10 minutes will be charged for collection of children after the closing time of 6:00pm.

Unwell Children

In accordance with the Pukekohe Early Learning Centre Illness Policy and the consent you have provided in the Enrolment Form, children are not to be brought to the Centre when they are unwell and/or suffering any condition that is capable of being transmitted to other children.

The Centre shall be entitled, in the event of a medical emergency to seek appropriate medical advice or treatment as they consider necessary in the best interests of the child and, if necessary, to take the child to hospital in an ambulance. The Centre shall immediately contact the parent and/or emergency contact in the event of an unwell child requiring medical treatment.  The parent and/or emergency contact will be required to collect the child forthwith.


If your child is absent due to illness or holidays, please make sure that you advise the Centre.

The time of your arrival and departure must be written in the daily sign in and out sheet and you are required to sign this daily. In an emergency this sign in sheet is used to ensure all the children are accounted for. The daily sign in and out sheet is located at the sign-in desk at all times.

Changes to Booked Hours

If you wish to increase or decrease the hours/days your child is booked to attend, a notice period of one week is required.


Children who have been enrolled at the Centre for a minimum of six months are entitled to three weeks holiday per year (15 days maximum), pro rata dependent on the days and weeks of attendance within the holiday year.  The number of holidays will be calculated from the date of enrolment at a rate of 50% of the regular parent portion of weekly fees, calculated after deduction of any discounts or subsidies.  The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December of the same year and unused days are not able to be carried over to the following year unless there are circumstances.  Holiday days are not able to be redeemed for cash.

A notice period of two weeks is required prior to the first day of the holiday. We reserve the right to charge full fees in the event of the notice period not being provided.

If your child is absent over their entitled holiday allocation the full fee will be charged to hold their place at the Centre.

Statutory Holidays

Full fees are applicable for any statutory holiday that falls on a day when your child would normally attend.

Emergency Closure of Centre

We are required by the Ministry of Education to close the Centre in certain circumstances, i.e. natural disaster, and must evacuate the premises within two hours of such an event.  In the event of an emergency closure of the Centre you will be required to collect your child from the Centre.

Full fees are to be paid for up to 2 days if there is an emergency closure of the Centre.

W.I.N.Z Childcare Subsidy

If you qualify for a WINZ childcare subsidy, a payment of 100% of the full fee amount will be payable until the subsidy is approved by WINZ.  Any payment made in excess of the WINZ subsidy will be credited to your account. In the event of your child not attending for the hours you have enrolled for and subsequently WINZ not paying for these hours, you will be required to pay the fees incurred for the hours not attended.  Any subsidy credited to your account and subsequently changed/withdrawn by WINZ will be re-charged to your account.

You will be required to manage the relationship with WINZ and to advise WINZ of any change in hours of enrolment and will be responsible for cancelling the subsidy from WINZ.

Privacy Act

Any information we hold about you/and or your child from the completed enrolment form, or otherwise, is required by the Centre to enable us to comply with statutory requirements and/or to enable the Centre to contact you or to ensure the appropriate care and education of your child.

Any information held by the Centre is strictly confidential to the Centre and follows the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.

In accordance with the consent required in the Enrolment Form, we may at times observe and photograph children for the purposes of preparation of individual portfolios for children and/or communication with parents about children.

Leaving the Centre

 If you are planning to remove your child from the Centre you are required to give two weeks’ notice in writing. In the event of two weeks’ notice not being provided, fees will be required to be paid until the notice period has expired.